Rusty Lake’s The White Door is Coming (soon)

Fans of Rusty Lake‘s Cube Escape series all know by now that a new game is on the way and that game is called The White Door. We’ve reviewed some of Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape games in the past and we’re very much looking forward to The White Door‘s release so that we can play and review it as well.

The White Door is a spinoff story from Rusty Lake and it has a cool, minimalist comic book feel and a split screen perspective. What we see so far are clean lines and splashes of color and while the style may be a departure from previous games, the vibe can only belong to Rusty Lake, and that means we can surely expect plenty of mystery, intrigue and suspense from The White Door.

Indeed, just a few seconds into the teaser trailer will be enough to inform you that you’re back in Rusty Lake land. What that means exactly is too early to say but what we do know, is that you are playing character Robert Hill who is in a mental health institution, just going about his day, following his daily regimen and…

Yes, it’s the “and” that we are patiently (not so patiently) waiting for, so we’re very excited and losing just a little bit of sleep over The White Door‘s release.

So, while we toss and turn and wait for the next trailer (we hear it’s coming soon), have a look at the teaser if you haven’t already seen it:

Developer: Rusty Lake
Publisher: Second Maze Studios

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