Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape series will hook you

I just discovered Rusty Lake‘s mysterious Cube Escape series and I’m completely hooked. I started off by playing Cube Escape: Birthday before realizing that it is actually the seventh episode in the series. So, if you do check out these cool and challenging puzzle games in room escape format, start with the first episode, i.e., Cube Escape: Seasons.

Rusty Lake‘s Cube Escape games work on the same principle as most point ND click adventure games: you have various rooms with various items and/or people in them. Click on the items or the people for more information, or collect items if they are collectible. You can then use items to unlock further items. It’s your classic adventure puzzle game and as you unravel the mystery, a story emerges. It’s very cool and stylishly beautiful and, while I started with the seventh episode (Birthday), I loved the fact that it takes place in the early 1930’s with the artwork being consistent with the art-deco style of the times.

Picking my way through the Birthday episode, I feel like I really should stop and start with Seasons (episode 1), but I can’t stop! Grandfather here keeps asking for ice (with an obvious old-school Brooklyn accent) and I don’t know what that cat wants. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough though.

rusty lake birthday grandfather

If you do happen to get stuck, Rusty Lake graciously provides plenty of walkthroughs and well, you can find other solutions on YouTube. But it’s really much more fun to figure out the puzzles by yourself.

If you’re interested in playing all of the Cube Escape games, here is the list in order of appearance:

1.Cube Escape: Seasons
2.Cube Escape: The Lake
3.Cube Escape: Arles
4.Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box
5.Cube Escape: Case 23
6.Cube Escape: The Mill
7.Cube Escape: Birthday
8.Cube Escape: Theatre
9.Cube Escape: The Cave
10.Cube Escape: Paradox

And it doesn’t end there. There are also premium games Rusty Lake: Hotel, Paradise and Roots to enjoy. Check them out in your favorite app stores.

Developer: Rusty Lake
Rusty Lake’s games are available for both Android and iOS
Rusty Lake’s games can also be found on Steam

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