Running out of fuel is easy in Mars: Mars

Mars: Mars from Pomelo Games is a quirky little platform jumper which, if you haven’t guessed by now, takes place on Mars. Similar to some other intergalactic games that we’ve reviewed, Mars: Mars utilizes the kind of delicate controls that you need when maneuvering on gravity deprived Mars.

The player in Mars: Mars is an astronaut who you need to accurately “jump” to the next platform. Thankfully, your suit’s snazzy jetpack is equipped with left and right thrusters which will help you to reach your goal. However, there are a few caveats: 1. Run out of fuel and you will crash and burn in a fiery explosion. 2. Land too hard and (you guess it) you will crash and burn in a fiery explosion. It’s tough at first but the learning curve is small so you’ll get a handle on the controls pretty quickly.

The look and feel to Mars: Mars is pretty slick with chunky animations that work really well with the overall environment. Other features in the game include different zany characters who MarsCorp will deploy to the red planet as you advance. As well, different characters beget different levels and environments including an underwater zone which is no easier than the surface environment. In fact, to date it’s proven to be impossible. “Challenge accepted.”

For a closer look, check out the gameplay in the following video:

Developer: Pomelo Games
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