Rover Builder is as quirky as it is challenging

Rover Builder is a weird little simulation game where your goal is to get this little anthropomorphic moon rover called Marvin, from point A to point B. Not only does this rover have some human characteristics (like an expressive face for example) but it also starts off without wheels, and without wheels, you’re probably not going anywhere.

So, you need to build the aluminum frame around Marvin and add some springs and some wheels before you set and off across this cosmic terrain.  The question is, did you build the chassis correctly? Probably, but that’s because it’s hard to fail on the first few “introductory” levels. Once you passed the third level or so, the terrain starts to get a little tricky and requires a much better thought out chassis. You will need to protect the rover.

Rover Builder uses a lot of the same principle as those bridge building simulators where you need to apply some basic physics in order to maintain a frame that will a) not collapse in on itself and b) be sturdy enough to carry a certain weight. Easier than it sounds.

Rover Builder also features some pretty happy music, which is not the music I expected to accompany this game, but somehow it works after awhile.

Developer: Hatfuls Games
Get it for Android

To get a closer look at Rover Builder‘s gameplay and walkthrough action, check out the following video:

Rover Builder trailer:

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