Revisiting The Silent Age

A recent update of House on Fire‘s The Silent Age brought me back to playing this great atmospheric adventure game from 2013. The Silent Age takes you back to the early 70’s as Joe, a simple custodian with a wicked big 70’s style moustache and an equally big mystery on his hands. Yes, a hairy caterpillar of a ‘stache on your upper lip was all it took in those days to be at the height of fashion. Well, that and a pair of snazzy polyester orange coveralls.

Joe is a bottom-of-the-rung custodian toiling away in a Nixon era office tower. However, something just isn’t right as Joe begins to discover more and more clues that point to certain nefarious dealings. But what kind of dealings and exacty how nefarious are we talking anyway? Well, that’s for you and Joe to find out and you can bet that you better watch your back as you sink deeper and deeper into a tangled web of mystery and intrigue. The real question is: will you make it out alive?

The Silent Age employs a lot of great 70’s era dialogue so you should really play this game with headphones on to get the full effect of the characters, many who feel like they’re straight out of a Nixon Cold War conspiracy. As for the artwork, it doesn’t get any better than this as a 70’s period piece game. Seriously, check out the glorious wallpaper and art in the screenshot below. Makes you kind of miss the 70’s and at the same time, be grateful that it’s not the 70’s anymore. I’m conflicted.
the silent age 70s style wallpaper room

If you’re not already familiar with The Silent Age‘s gameplay, check out the trailer:

Developer: House on Fire
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