Revisiting hocus. for Some Cool Puzzling

Coming back to this cool, minimalist puzzle game from a few years back. This is hocus. from (yes, all in lowercase) and this should catch your attention if you’re a fan of perspective puzzles with a bit of an M.C. Escher vibe.

Each level is presented as a strange geometric shape, in often impossible perspective (hence the Escher reference) and you need to find a way to place the red cube in the square hole. As you can guess, subsequent levels become more difficult and even more mind-bending. Bonus: there are 40 ad free levels, although you will need to pay for the remaining 60 levels.

The game itself is packaged minimally and hocus. has an almost meditative feel to it as the game is accompanied by some very relaxing music reminiscent of the background music in Infinity Loop. It might be the same composer, but we’ll need to confirm if that’s the case.

If you’re not already familiar with hocus., you can check out the gameplay here:

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