Review: Clam Man 2: Open Mic

If you’ve ever harbored some mad desire to do stand up comedy but never had the guts, Clam Man 2: Open Mic gives you that chance to follow your dream of quitting your soul destroying job selling mayonnaise so you can bare said soul in front of complete strangers. Sounds like a great idea, right? Right. Well there’s only one way to find out as Clam Man 2 may just be the first ever stand up comedy RPG.

Clam Man 2 (There is a Clam Man 1) is a narrative adventure RPG that focuses on dialogue and storytelling instead of fighting baddies and bosses. Hearkening back to the RPGs of yore, the dialogue is plentiful, offering up many different outcomes (and jokes), which makes Clam Man 2 very re-playable. There’s so much dialogue in fact, that you might say that some characters go on and on and refuse to uhm…uh they refuse to…uh…well, let’s just say that they just won’t clam up.

Get it? Clam up? Because you know, mollusks? Clams? Hey, is this thing on?

Tough crowd.

Right. So the wit’s quick (quicker than mine) and the inside jokes are obscure. But don’t worry, the deeper you delve into the fishy world of Snacky Bay, the more these strange jokes will begin to feel like call-backs.  And, as you continue to explore the environment, Clam Man (our hero) will pick up quests along the way that, by completing them, will drop material for your growing repertoire so that you have enough bits for an actual routine at the next open mic. And trust me on this one: Having material is no guarantee that you won’t go down in flames. Just like in real life!

You can play Clam Man 2: Open Mic on Steam and and note that Clam Man2: Open Mic is just the prologue to the main event, or headliner if you will, for the aptly named and upcoming Clam Man2: Headliner so go ahead and Wishlist Clam Man 2: Headliner on Steam.

Check out the official trailer:

Developers: marafrass
Publisher: Team Clam
Clam Man2: Open Mic is available on Steam and for Windows, Linux and MacOS
Wishlist Clam Man 2: Headliner on Steam.

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