RetroPie 4.8 Has Been Released

After a very long period since its last back update in November 2020, RetroPie 4.8 was released last month and very appropriately, on Pi Day 2022.

Updates in RetroPie 4.8

There are plenty of changes in this update from 4.7.1 to 4.8 including the following:

– On screen keyboard (for entering WiFi password via RetroPie-Setup)
– Improved joystick support through the RetroPie-Setup dialogs.
– Improvement to how RetroPie gets updated through it’s package management.
retroarch has now been updated to v1.10.0
EmulationStation has been updated to v2.10.2 (various fixes including a better random shuffler for games and screensavers)

There are also a ton of updates to many of the libretro cores which are too numerous to mention. If you’re interested you can head over to for all the details.

Head over to RetroPie official site for a comprehensive and detailed list of the entire RetroPie update.

Upgrading to the latest RetroPie

Installing RetroPie is easy as usual but you are best to install a fresh copy as opposed to upgrading your existing installation. Simply download and install the Raspberry Pi Imager, choose your OS/Pi board and follow the instructions.

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