Retro gaming fun with Quicks Reloaded (Qix)

I’m playing a version of the classic Qix on Android today and avoiding that pesky Qix and those evil Sparx things is just as tricky as it ever was. The look and feel of this version is pretty true to the original arcade game, or as much as it can be on a mobile device. The thing about translating classic arcade games to touch screens of course is that we’re missing the feel of the physical joystick. Games like Qix required not only quick reflexes, but precision moves when it came to avoiding the Sparx. Often enough, you will get caught in between 2 converging Sparx and a do or die game of chicken will ensue. With games housed in an original arcade cabinet, you could really lean into the box and hit the joystick back and forth as hard as you needed to because those cabs could really take some abuse! Obviously you do not want to deliver the same level of abuse to your phone or tablet, right?

Still, Quicks Reloaded is a good reboot of the old Qix (with funky music to boot). Plus, successfully drawing a line (Stix) across the entire playing field is still oddly satisfying, in an OCD/completionist kind of way. But, if you want to capture 75% of the playing field, you may need a strategy. Pro tip: block or capture the Qix for maximum points. I know, easier said than done.

As you can see from this screenshot of Quicks Reloaded that this variant of Qix is very true to the original classic arcade version of Qix:
quicks reloaded vs qix

Many versions of Qix have been released over the years and to get an idea of all the different variations of Qix there are, check out this game comparison video. There has been a version of good old Qix for quite a wide variety of platforms.

Developer: Martin Kunz
Get it for Android

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