Retro Game of the Week: Snow Bros.

Hey it’s been awhile. Digging deep into the RetroPie MAME emulator for some old school arcade games and this week we’re going back to Snow Bros. from 1990. I can only describe Snow Bros. as a twisted level based platformer with all kind of crazy enemies all within a setting that is very Japanese. That’s right: you’ll see a lot of sushi loot drops and have to fight off dragons (some of them breath fire), elves(?) as well as evil sumo wrestlers. All this while playing as a snowman armed only with the ability to turn your enemies into snowballs. Yeah, it’s weird, but also highly addictive, even as the music slowly drives you insane as you die repeatedly. The music does change after every 10 level after which you’ll have a boss fight.

What’s the goal? To save the princesses and break the snowman spell of course. Check out the classic gameplay here:

Release: 1990
: Toaplan
Platform: Arcade
Genre: Platform

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