Retro Game of the Week: Arkanoid

Good old Arkanoid: a next level riff on Atari’s Breakout from 1976 that can only be described as Breakout on steroids. And by next level, we really are referring to the seemingly endless levels that Arkanoid has to offer. There are in fact 33 levels (depending who you talk to) and at that point you need to defeat an alien head that does not look unlike that which can be found on Easter Island.

Arkanoid was one of those expertly conceived games that required a lot more than just hand eye coordination. Along with your reaction time, some levels really need you to employ some serious strategy and puzzling solving skills. That’s right, each level is unique and challenging in its own way and you know, when it comes to powerups, some will help you on one level but not so much on another. So yeah, when playing Arkanoid, powerup wisely.

If you’re struggling to beat this game, check out this longplay gameplay and let someone beat DOH for you:

Developer: Taito
Platform: Arcade
Release: 1986

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