Precision and Intuition: Unbalance

We love our minimalist puzzle games and once we spotted Unbalance from Turkish developers Tvee Games, we just knew we would have to try it out. Immediately.

Each puzzle in Unbalance presents you with a red ball which you’re then tasked to free from its geometric prison. And no, it’s not just about freeing the red ball: you need to release and direct the ball towards the square. If the red ball touches the square, you will then advance to the next level.

In order to release the red ball, you will have to get the puzzle to spin or rotate. To do this, you can introduce a (limited) number of balls into the puzzle which will act as weights/counter-weights as they will cause the puzzle to tilt and spin. The ensuing rotation will sometimes help you to break the borders, hence freeing the red ball and solving the puzzle. Other puzzles, are not quite that simple. In fact, the solutions to these puzzles are not straightforward at all (what fun would that be?) so you’ll need to use trial and error as well as a little intuition.

You can check out the Unbalance gameplay trailer here:

Developer: Tvee Games
Official Website: Unbalance Game
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