Pocket Mortys update April 2016. What’s new?

Since installing Pocket Mortys back in February on our HTC M9, we’ve kind of peaked in our obsessive gameplay as we’ve beaten Mysterious Rick and the other council members. All that’s left to do now is to continue collect the remaining wild Mortys since we’re only up to 87 so far. But what’s that? A new update for April 2016?? What’s new in this Pocket Mortys update anyway?

Well the first thing we noticed is that Pocket Mortys has a brand new icon. Whereas before it was Morty on a blue background, now it is Morty’s head on a red and yellow background. Awesome.

New Mortys and more

The next thing we checked, which is probably the first thing that everyone is checking, is to see if there are new Mortys to capture. So lets go right to the Morty Deck and have a look. And what do you know, there are now 111 slots in the Morty Deck, so it’s back to work collecting Mortys. We’re up to 87 and recently found the “rare” Cronenberg Morty which is a big fan favorite from Rick Potion No. 9 in Season 1.
morty deck all mortys
We also came face to face with the hilariously angry Pepperoni Pizza Morty and man does he look pissed. And delicious.

pepperoni pizza morty battleWe also spotted Moon Morty and Sun Morty. Interestingly, when Sun Morty attacks you, his attack rebounds and he ends up dazing himself. This has happened everytime I’ve fought him so I’m not sure how to capture Sun Morty at this point.  Another mystery!

That said, those are the most obvious updates. Officially, from Adult Swim, the changes in Pocket Mortys version 1.2.3 are as follows:

10 NEW Mortys – available both in the wild and via Blips and Chitz machines
• NEW attack type – Paralyze
• NEW item to cure Paralyze status and new item to cure status ailments and Morty health
• Quick crafting from the Recipe Menu, because so many of you requested it and it is awesome
• Caught indicator during battles so you can see if you’ve already got a particular Morty <– this is a great idea! More efficient than checking the Morty Deck all the time..
• Tap anywhere to skip dialogue – it’s not just that one button area anymore

Now get collecting those Mortys! Enjoy!

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