Playing in Traffic with Loop Taxi

Loop Taxi is an endless “loop” game where you have to pick up passengers without getting into an accident. This is no Crossy Road or Frogger although similar, because once you move forward, there is no turning back. You cannot stop in the middle of a lane while negotiating traffic either so, plan you move and get your vehicle across multiple lanes of traffic and railways to deliver your passengers safely, if you can.

Loop Taxi has a whole bunch of non-taxi type cars to unlock so you can kind of feel like you’re an Uber when you pick up people in your unmarked sedan, tank or sports car. Plus, the bigger the car, the more passengers you can pick up at once which means that you will collect a greater bonus when you deliver them safely. However, the bigger cars are slower, so it’s harder and riskier to make it across 3 lanes of traffic with the bus (which holds 8 passengers). Case in point: here’s a screenshot of my 8 passenger bus getting crushed by a truck . Yes, those buses are slow, lumbering things.
loop taxi car crash

Loop Taxi is a game within a game

Aside from collecting coins from passenger pickup, Loop Taxi also has a few bonus games which you can play to try and win bonus coins, game tickets and free cars. Game tickets can be picked up as power ups on the road or as time based gifts that are awarded during game play. You can also get bonus coins from close calls with other vehicles, so basically, think and drive like a taxi driver 😉 Also, if you hesitate to cross the road for too long, the tow truck will come along and literally tow you out of the game. This is a cool method to keep you engaged in the game.

From developer GameGuru, which is not to be confused (but is actually easily confused) with 3D game making software GameGuru because well, they pretty much have the same name.

Check out this Loop Taxi video to get a better idea of the gameplay:

Developer: Gameguru
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