Perchang’s puzzles are gracefully challenging

There are many, many puzzle games out there these days but Perchang really stands out for us in both design and ingenuity. Even if you can’t solve the puzzles, which get crazier and more complex as you go along, Perchang has a smart and beautifully laid out interface. So yeah, great work on the UI and interaction design!

The gameplay itself is really interesting. Each puzzle presents you with a sort of ball producing contraption/machine and you have to guide the balls to a receptacle with the aid of several moving parts. You control the parts using the left and right buttons of which one is red and one is blue. The red button controls the red part and the blue button controls the blue part. The parts themselves might be fans and levers which can be used to guide the balls with the help of air currents, magnetic fields and good old gravity to help you out. These puzzles get really complex and you start having to really concentrate and coordinate your actions. There are 60 levels of increasing difficulty to wrap your mind around.

If that didn’t make any sense, check out the game play in Perchang‘s official trailer for an even better idea:

Developer: Perchang
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