Paper City Defender brings paper war game style to your phone

Remember when you were a kid (or maybe you were 42) and you had no electronic devices at your disposal? Or perhaps you had completely exhausted the playroom’s collection of games and the only thing left was your imagination? Well Paper City Defender‘s look is kind of a call-back to those old paper war games of yesteryear, when all you had was a pencil, some lined paper and the drive to beat the boredom of a rainy day.

Paper City Defender takes it a little farther and is more of an homage to Atari‘s classic Missile Command so you’re left to defend the city from falling meteors by firing missiles at the falling threats. Game play is simple: tap the screen at the location of the meteor and a missile will fire at it from the city below. The challenge is keeping up with the meteors so make sure you’ve got some good reflexes. You can also shoot down care packages to collect special bonuses which can help you upgrade your missile cannons.

paper city defender meteors

Plus, meteors aren’t the only threat either. Yes, that pink thing is an alien, so you better shoot it out of the sky as well!paper city defender missile attackLooking at the development specs, Paper City Defender hasn’t been updated in a few years. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from checking it out and experiencing its playful style and enjoyable game play. Have fun.

Developer: Arcturus Games
Download it for Android from Google Play

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