Paint it Noir

Noir is an addictive little platformer where you must maneuver the main character (a personable round black smudge with eyes) and help it to escape each level (world) intact.  Noir has instant appeal, Thanks to it’s original painted/hand-drawn style, and is anything but dark. Each level is presented using a vibrant palette of colors that is rough, giving it a raw, unfinished quality. It’s fun and fresh and appeals to the soft spot we have for games that promote a hand drawn sense and style.

However, while Noir appears cute and simplistic, do not be deceived. It’s actually quite challenging, and with over 90 levels to figure out, you’ll be playing Noir for awhile. The controls take just a minute to figure out: the character itself sticks to the cloud-like blocks and can jump from one to the other. You can swipe around to move and collect all of the white balls in order to get the portal to appear, which you can jump through to advance to the next level. Missing the mark and falling into the black (water) means certain death, after which the level resets and you can try again.

You can check out Noir‘s gameplay here:

Developer: Boeuf Musqué
Get it for Android

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