Outfolded: Endless Puzzling Boxes

Everybody know that you can never have too many puzzle games in this world and Outfolded stands on its own as one of those unique and endless puzzlers. Outfolded was a hit almost as soon as it was released back in late 2016, but it’s still engaging and if you were an earlier adopter, you’re probably still trying to figure out how to solve level 75 and beyond. In fact, it’s fair to consider level 75 the “early” levels as Outfolded boasts well over 400 levels (!), as far as I know.

Outfolded is not hard to learn, but solving each level becomes more and more challenging as you advance through the game. Set in an isometric view, the goal is to simply unfold a box (or boxes) to create an unbroken path to the goal square. Outfolded has no points, and you can undo your moves as much as you like. There’s no stress and the music is relaxing in a way that reminds me somewhat of the zen-like music in Infinity Loop.

Check out the Outfolded gameplay trailer below:

For some additional unfolding fun, here’s a walkthrough of Outfolded‘s first 20 levels:

Developer: 3 Sprockets
Offcial Site: Outfolded
Get it for Android and iOS

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