One Night Stand: good decisions/bad decisions

Ever wake up in a strange bed after a night of serious partying or have absolutely no recollection about the night before, or even the person whose bed you just woke up in? If so, you might want to cut back a bit. Or, you might just be playing a visual novel called One Night Stand.

One Night Stand is a product of the NaNoRenO 2016 game jam and puts you in that awkward situation where you can’t even remember the girl’s (or guy’s) name or who he/she is. How did you meet? How did you get back to her apartment? Did you have sex?? So many questions and so many ways to ask them. However, just like in life, One Night Stand will have you standing at the crossroads and you’ll need to make a few decisions. And some of those decisions are bound to be bad ones, and when they’re really bad, it’s game over. So tread wisely and think carefully about your next move.

Also love the look and feel of One Night Stand. Each animation is artfully rotoscoped giving it a smooth, sketched out look that draws you into its world. Pro Tip: play this game while lying in bed to really feel like the main character. We call this ‘method video gaming’!

Without giving too much away, check out the Steam greenlight trailer:

Developer: Kinmoku
Get it on Itch for Mac, Windows and Linux.
Check it out on Steam

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