Not Golf isn’t golf but still kind of is…but it isn’t

Not Golf is a game where you are trying to get a little white ball into a cup with as few strokes as possible. Ok, so that sounds a lot like actual golf. However, when you get a look at the levels, you’ll see that Not Golf is a little different. Using drag and release mechanics to launch the ball, you’ll be faced with levels that become more and more treacherous (read absurd) as you go on.

In some ways, Not Golf is kind of puzzle game wearing a golf themed skin. Conceptually, you can view each level as a cross section of a golf course, but there are also crazy chasms and treacherous cliffs to maneuver the ball through. This is sort of like playing golf in Antarctica or while spelunking in a mysterious cave. I mean, when did golf have a ceiling to ricochet your ball off of? Never. That’s when. Not that I’m comparing this to golf or anything, since it’s not golf.

Not Golf is actually almost as hard as real golf (at least for me), even though it’s not golf. But still, it kind of is.

Appears to only be available for Android at the moment. Check out the Not Golf gameplay trailer for a closer look:

Developer: Ronan Casey
Get it for Android

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