Night in the Woods is Here to Explore

In Infinite Fall‘s Night in the Woods, you are a cat named Mae and you’ve just come home from college. But something is amiss in Possum Springs and things don’t feel like they used to. They’re different somehow and in order to figure out just how different, you’ll need to start poking around to find out what’s up…

One of the things that is really striking about Night in the Woods is its beautiful and engaging art style. The developers have achieved a look and feel that seems to have been inspired by collage which is flat, yet vibrant all at once, without feeling cluttered in any way. You are in control of Mae, who you navigate through the game, observing gathering information, asking questions and talking to various crazy characters while Mae’s inner dialogue propels the adventure along. It’s a gorgeous setup with a dreamy kind of music, making for an immersive, story driven experience.

Check out the official Night in the Woods trailer:

And for an even closer look, Here’s about 30 minutes of gameplay:

Developer: Infinite Fall
Publisher: Finji
Get it on Itch for Linux, Windows or Mac OS
Get it on Steam for Linux, Windows or Mac OS

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