Mothmen 1966

Do you like intrigue? Do you like conspiracies?  To be fair, in the year 2022 with the way things have been going these past few years, the average person may actually be feeling a little conspiracied-out. But don’t worry, even a little conspiracy can satisfy our desire for a little escapism in the form of a movie, great novel, or perhaps a video game that draws from both of those mediums. Yes, Mothmen 1966 does promise to deliver all of that with a tight story line, great writing, classic pulpy goodness, and a good old fashioned conspiracy that is at the heart of it all.

Coming out of Argentina-based LCB Game Studio, Mothmen 1966 is being touted as a “Pixel Pulp” visual novel and if my introductory paragraph is any indication, this is going to be a virtual page-turner. As you may have guessed by now, Mothmen 1966 takes place in 1966. More specifically, the story unfolds during that year’s Leonid Meteor Shower, which actually do occur annually near the end of November. So why Mothmen 1966? Why not Mothmen 1977, or Mothmen 1952? Well, if you’re familiar with meteor showers and particularly Leonid-esque trivia, you will know that 1966 was a very fine year indeed when it came to observing the Leonids.  So what better backdrop than a meteor shower to set a gripping story of intrigue and conspiracy up against?

So what do we know about Mothmen 1966 aside from it taking place under the canopy of a meteor shower? Well, Mothmen 1966 will be released soon on July 14, 2022, so we will only have the full picture then. For now, know that when you do play Mothmen 1966, the story will unfold as a choose your own adventure which you will employ to explore the various characters, who include: an investigator, a gas station owner and a young couple, all of whom will unwittingly (or unwillingly) get swept up in this potentially twisted tale of intrigue.

Want to know more? Check out the official Mothmen 1966 trailer right here:

Year: 2022
Developer: LCB Game Studio
Publisher: Chorus Worldwide Games
Platforms: Windows, MacOS, SteamOS, XBox, Playstation, Switch
: Choose You Own Adventure, 2D, Interactive Fiction, Puzzles

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