Monolith: Lock On At Breakneck Speed

While checking in on to see what was new amidst the onslaught of various colourful and flashy games, we were drawn to the stark monochrome-esque beauty of Monolith.  It’s not that we’re colour biased or anything, just that Monolith caught our eye for the very fact that it was devoid of colour.

Monolith is a fast shooter. Very fast in fact. You control a ship which is a constant state of hurtling across a barren landscape, while a monolith (yeah, the one from the title) looms in the distance. It never gets any closer either, taunting you just there on the horizon as if whispering, “come closer”, even though you know you’ll regret it. You won’t regret playing Monolith though.

The controls are simple: Use the arrow keys to move from side to side, and up and down, so that you can avoid the enemy’s  endless volley of firepower, and use ‘Z’ to fire back, but only once you get a lock on those bastards.

Here. Marvel at the Monolith gameplay video. Enjoy!

Developer: Sam Loeshen
Sound and Music: David Carney
Play it free on for Windows, MacOS and Linux

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