Mars First Logistics

Physics. It’s everywhere. And understanding it is key to safely constructing what we know as the “built environment”. In fact, it’s our understanding of physics that is the reason that you can comfortably read this review from the comfort of your home, without the walls collapsing around you. At least we hope so.

We’ve played and reviewed some physics based simulators before but what really caught our eye first about Mars First Logistics was the art style. Indeed, the gameplay already looks fantastic, even if it is not yet playable as Mars First Logistics is only slated to be released in 2022. The look of Mars First Logistics is whimsical and employs a comic book style that is full of bright contrasts and heavy on the use of shadows. Digging a little deeper, this style can be traced to pioneering  French artist Jean Giraud aka “Moebius” and is very apparent in the two screenshots below:

mars first logistics contraptionmars first logistics parts

In the open world of Mars First Logistics, you are here to establish a colony and to do so, you must deliver supplies to your Martian outpost which can then be used to build said colony. Your job entails not only delivering supplies but also building the vehicles and contraptions that you will use to deliver the goods. And herein lies the challenge: you’re not here to just deliver boxes and crates. No, that would be too simple.

The parts and resources found in Mars First Logistics come in all kinds of crazy shapes and sizes and they are inherently awkward and unwieldy. That means that you will need to be creative in figuring out what kind of vehicle you will have to engineer in order to pick up and transport the next heavy object. Then factor in the physical world of Mars (Martian gravity anyone?) and you’ve got yourself plenty of challenges to keep you busy as you navigate uneven terrain at breakneck speed (while attempting to transport massive girders). If you succeed, you will earn credits, unlock new tech and play a big part in colonizing Mars.

Check out some Mars First Logistics gameplay right here:

Year: 2022
Developer: Ian MacLarty
Genre: Open World, Puzzle, Simulation

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