Let’s chill out and play Barbershop Simulator

Sometimes, when the world seems like it’s gone completely crazy, you need to take a step back and just play Barbershop Simulator. Because yeah, while you may not agree with your neighbors politics, you still gotta shave that beard. Thankfully, Barbershop Simulator is there to help you decide whether on not having a reverse goatee sideburns is a good idea or not. Hint: it’s a shitty idea, but who the fuck am I? You be the judge.

Barbershop Simulator was beta released last year and puts you in a 1930’s barbershop (hey, it could be Brooklyn/Mile-End/Portland in the 2010’s) and you’ve got a bearded customer to shave. So what do you do? Well first of all, that beard isn’t going to shave itself so you better start by picking up those electric clippers. The question is, how will you shave him? Do you give him a Van Dyke? A Goatee? A Fu Manchu? So many questions and we can’t very well leave the beard, can we? I think that the fact that we’re shaving this beard implies that we may have finally reached peak beard and that the tides have finally shifted towards a more clean shaven look.

Or maybe I’m just over-analyzing the whole thing.

Whatever the case, it’s you against the beard so let’s see how good a job you can do.

You can check it out on Itch and also watch this gameplay video for a closer (shave) look:

Developer: Shavetastic
Download it for free on Itch.io for Windows

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