Lamp Head and its gloomy goodness

Enjoying Oriplay‘s Lamp Head today with its very interesting angle on the side-scroller. In most side-scrollers that we’ve played where you need to avoid deadly objects, the most common action to take is to jump over the enemy. This game is a little bit different.

Upside down play

Lamp Head is presented as a kind split screen/split world so instead of jumping to avoid those deadly obstacles, Lamp Head (the guy with a lamp for a head) flips to the lower part of the screen when you tap to avoid. But, there are razor sharp saws and pointy things in the murky lower half as well, so you will need to flip back up to the top to avoid those as well. These screenshots will give you a better idea of your character’s orientation:

lamp head upside down flip
lamp head screen shotLamp Head has plenty of bonuses to pick up along the way but the real challenge is when the Lamp Head gameplay really speeds up. See, you start off at a leisurely 40 km/h or so but your speed rapidly increases as you get farther along. No doubt you can imagine how hard this game gets when you are moving at 180 km/h! Trust me on this one: it’s hard!

Here is the Lamp Head trailer in all its murky, gloomy goodness. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the multiplayer version of Lamp Head which is coming out soon. We’re looking forward to seeing what that entails.

Developer: Oriplay Games
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