Kitty Home is weirdly addictive

From the people who brought you Piano Tiles aka Don’t Tap The White Tile, it’s Kitty Home. Kitty Home is a cat sim game where you create and maintain a cat friendly environment in order to attract more cats. This is clearly a concept that works great as a video game and less so in real life. Trust me on this one because my neighbours are on the verge of hating me for this very reason!

Now cats as we know, are very persistent little creatures and will out-wait you to get exactly what they want! That includes: getting fed, getting pet, getting brushed and most importantly, weaseling their way into your life and into your home (clearly I’m speaking from experience). What’s interesting is that since installing Kitty Home, I’ve had 0 time to play it. Seriously, between work and the web site and my life, getting to know the inner working of Kitty Home just hasn’t been a priority. However, this hasn’t stopped Kitty Home from sending cute notifications about how the “kitties are waiting for me” and something else about fishies. I can’t remember. The point is, this parallel reminds me that like cats, Kitty Home too, is quite persistent and will eventually get its way with me when I finally start exploring it, which I did this week.

Here’s a little taste as to what Kitty Home is all about:

kitty home screenshots

Just like having and taking care of a real kitty cat, Kitty Home forces you to make some serious life choices for your virtual array of cats. Decisions like, which pet food to buy and do you even have enough gold or silver coins to upgrade to the most expensive food? Plus, there’s no guarantee that your cat will even like the expensive food! Wait, or is that in real life? I’m confused. Also, what about toys? You gotta get some pet toys for your cats as well since cats love to play with toys. Well, there’s only one way to find out and that’s by exploring Kitty Home. Enjoy.

Developer: Clean Master Games
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

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