Ketchapp’s Stack is as addictive as they come

Stack is yet another hit arcade game from mobile game developers/publishers Ketchapp. Deceptively simple, and oh so addictive, Stack will have you playing over and over as you try and beat your best score.

The mission is simple: stack one slab on top of another as they are presented to you. But, you need to stack the slab exactly on the slab below it. Otherwise, the edge that doesn’t align will fall off and drop down below. What comes next is a smaller slab and now you need to stack that one, perfectly. Otherwise, the next slab will be even smaller. And so on.

And so on.

Until you have no more room to stack and the game ends. Here’s what that looks like:

How long can you stack for?

So the question is this: How long can you keep stacking for? My personal best is 45 stacks if that’s what you call them (pretty lame, I know) but I plan to beat that. Stack is also quite lovely and relaxing to look at. As you build your stack, it begins to take on the form of a cool high rise, or some crazy futuristic tower. The colour choices are actually quite nice and well done.

Have fun!

Developer: Ketchapp
Download Stack for Android from Google Play
Download Stack for iOS from the App Store

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