Keeping it weird with Tofu Hunter

As everyone knows, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to like tofu since it can be quite delicious (try it in soup, stir fry and so many more dishes). But what about delicious and cute? Do you find tofu to be cute?  I mean, the word tofu and its definition is already kind of cute when you start to analyse it, but how about looking at tofu in a whole different way? How about seeing tofu like you’ve never seen it before: in the wild and ready to be hunted, just as tofu would appear to be in Adult Swim‘s Tofu Hunter.

But wait, “hunting tofu?”, you say? Normally that wouldn’t make any sense but you know if it comes from Adult Swim, we apparently are already completely willing to get on the train to Bizarretown (see Giant Boulder of Death)

Tofu Hunter is a first person shooter in a sort of shooting gallery format (think Duck Hunt on meth). You scan the woods looking for that yummy (or nasty if you hate it) wild tofu and shoot them until they’re dead. It’s bloody, but hey, who ever said that hunting wasn’t? You’ll need to save your ammo though because it’s not unlimited and you’ll need it to complete each mission. You’ll score points and money too as your accuracy improves so that you can upgrade your weapons and purchase better guns. Great for people who like hunting games and have a strong dislike for tofu with antlers. It’s win-win.

Here’s the promo clip for Tofu Hunter showing you just what tofu hunting season looks like:

Developer: [adult swim] games
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