It’s life or death with Water Me

Water Me is more than just a plant simulation game. I mean, it technically is just that, but this is no pet rock or tamagotchi style sim.  This is about you and a houseplant with some very some decisions to make. Important decisions. Decisions that are in fact life and death in nature, or at least where the plant is concerned.

The scene: you’ve just acquired a new houseplant and it looks great at the window by the kitchen sink. You have an excellent view of your quiet neighborhood and the sky is clear. Your plant should be super happy in this setting, right? So what do you do next? Well, you can do a number of things. You can talk to your plant, or you can water it. You can turn on the radio too if you like a little news radio, or maybe you prefer the music station. What does the plant prefer? Does it actually have a preference? Is this crucial to the plant’s survival?

Well as we all know, one thing is crucial to a plant’s survival and that thing is water (remember, the game’s title is Water Me) but there’s a hitch. See, the weather outside is getting kind of gray, and when you jump to the next day it’s even grayer, and it’s even starting to rain. You water your plant like you normally would but by the next day, it’s not just torrential outside but there’s mass flooding to boot. And guess what else? The water coming out of the tap is now gray and contaminated! If you can’t give your plant gray water what do you give it?

Water Me goes to show you that things can take a turn for the dark pretty quickly, and we’re not in control of any of it. Here we started off with a pretty healthy plant and now we’re in some kind of life or death scenario. Can you keep your plant alive for the week? How attached are you to this plant anyway??

You should go check it out on Itch and also watch this gameplay video. It uh…it gets a little personal:

Developer: cecilnick
Download it for free on for Windows or MacOSX

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