Installing Unity3D on Fedora 24

Update: Since this article is a few years old, we decided to put together an updated version of this article on how to install the latest version of Unity on Fedora.

1. Download the latest Unity package

It’s recommended to do this from shell, so open a shell and run the following:

2. Make the package executable and run it

Once the download is complete, execute the following command to make the file executable:
sudo chmod 755
sudo ./

3. Launch Unity

Launch Unity from the command line:

Post-installation issues

If all goes well, Unity will launch and you’ll be greeted by a friendly login screen. However, many people seem to be missing a dependency of two. The most common error after installing Unity is the following:

./Unity: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

After digging around, I found the following helpful post on the Unity 3D forums. To resolve these dependencies, install the following postgres libraries like so:
sudo dnf install postgresql-libs

Unity should then launch. However, you may run into another snag which, instead of seeing the splash/login screen, you will only see a large grey box. This seems to be an issue with npm. To resolve this, try installing the following package:
sudo dnf install nodejs npm

After installing this package, Unity launched without error.  Great!

Mondevelop vs Visual Studio Code

In order to write and edit C# scripts, you’ll need a code editor installed alongside Unity. I personally found Monodevelop too be way too resource heavy for my environment so I went with Visual Studio Code (aka VSCode). Both can be easily installed on Fedora 24:

Install Visual Studio Code
You can get the Visual Studio Code repository or use wget like so:
sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

Once you’ve added the repo, install VSCode using dnf:
sudo dnf install vscode

Install Monodevelop
If you are going with Monodevelop, you can install it with dnf with the following command:
sudo dnf install monodevelop

Depending which editor you choose, you’ll need to let Unity know about it. From the menu, select Edit/Preferences/External Tools and browse to the executable that you which to launch (unity-editor-5.4.0p1/MonoDevelop/bin/monodevelop or /usr/bin/vscode). Your path may differ slightly.

5 thoughts on “Installing Unity3D on Fedora 24

  1. Hello, I am trying to install Unity on my Fedora but I am facing some issues. I tried few ways and even if installation progress without any problem when I am trying lunch Unity nothing happened. I tried to check dmesg or so but any log is not created, I changed log level via dmesg -n 8 but still the same.
    Do you have some idea what could be wrong?


  2. sudo dnf config-manager – -add-repo does not work. Output it gives is as follows.

    usage: dnf config-manager [-c [config file]] [-q] [-v] [–version]
    [–installroot [path]] [–nodocs] [–noplugins]
    [–enableplugin [plugin]] [–disableplugin [plugin]]
    [–releasever RELEASEVER] [–setopt SETOPTS]
    [–skip-broken] [-h] [–allowerasing] [-b] [-C]
    [-R [minutes]] [-d [debug level]] [–debugsolver]
    [–showduplicates] [-e ERRORLEVEL] [–obsoletes]
    [–rpmverbosity [debug level name]] [-y]
    [–assumeno] [–enablerepo [repo]]
    [–disablerepo [repo] | –repo [repo]]
    [–enable | –disable] [-x [package]]
    [–disableexcludes [repo]]
    [–repofrompath [repo,path]] [–noautoremove]
    [–nogpgcheck] [–color COLOR] [–refresh] [-4] [-6]
    [–destdir DESTDIR] [–downloadonly]
    [–comment COMMENT] [–bugfix] [–enhancement]
    [–newpackage] [–security] [–advisory ADVISORY]
    [–bzs BUGZILLA] [–cves CVES]
    [–sec-severity {Critical,Important,Moderate,Low}]
    [–forcearch ARCH] [–save] [–add-repo URL]
    [–dump] [–dump-variables]
    [repo [repo …]]
    dnf config-manager: error: unrecognized arguments: -add-repo

  3. Hi Dilan, there was a problem with the formatting in the post and the “– -add-repo” portion had a space between the dashes which I’ve now fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

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