Infuriating fun with 99 Rockets

We recently wrote about some games that go on forever but 99 Rockets is a game that is actually finite. That’s right. If you can hit all 99 targets with your 99 rockets, one rocket at a time, you will have completed the game. Actually, sometimes you get double, triple and even quadruple rockets to fire off at once. But how? Well you’ll just have to see because in fact, 99 Rockets is kind of a puzzle game that relies on accuracy, so plot your strategy and fire carefully.

Yes, this game gets quite challenging and that’s where the ingenious fun lies.

Here’s the thing: Each level is beautifully presented and features a rocket (or multiple rockets) traveling along a fixed track. The target or targets (a group of spheres) reside outside of the track. When you’re ready and your rocket is aimed at the target, tap the screen and the rocket will launch in a straight line. If you hit the target, you advance to the next level. If you miss, you go back to the beginning of the game, and by beginning of the game, I mean you go back to Level 1. But, all hope is not lost though because you can save your progress by simply watching an ad. Or, you can remove the ads for a mere $1.40. A pretty fair trade off if you ask me.

99 rockets gameplay level

If you aren’t ready to fire your rocket, don’t worry. The track is an endless loop which means that the rocket will come back around, giving  you time to decide and plot your strategy because like I mentioned, failure means starting over. 99 Rockets is kind of a combination strategy/puzzle game and you should try it out if you want to look at something that is quite beautifully designed and then immediately get super angry when you miss your target. Seriously though, check out this beautiful, minimal game.

Here’s the official trailer:

Developer: Itatake
Get it for Android
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