Infinite fun with Infinity Loop and Infinite Slice

While hunting around for some interesting games to play on my Android device this past weekend, I stumbled upon both Infinite Slice and Infinity Loop and you guessed it: an infinity themed post was born. That’s right, this is a post about two dissimilar games with similar names. Kind of like the way the movies Cube and Sphere have nothing to do with each other but sound like they might. But they don’t.

Right. So the main point here is that both games are challenging, fun and quite pleasing, so why not review both of them? Exactly. So here we go:

Infinite Slice

In Nine Games‘ (formerly Monthly 23) Infinite Slice, you start of with a single red dot moving bouncing around slowly on a plane. Your mission is simple: slice the area without hitting the red dot. Each time you slice successfully however, the red dots multiply. Soon enough, you will be faced with a lot of red dots. Obviously, they become harder and harder to avoid, so slice carefully!

Infinite Slice is a pretty cool casual game that has one direction: forward. There are no goals to achieve and no levels to pass. It’s just points and how long you can survive. Very pleasing game and the animations are cool, especially when you slice off an edge and it falls away into the digital abyss.
infinite slice gameplay
Developer: Nine Games  (formerly Monthly 23)
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Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is all about taking a bunch of disconnected shapes and arranging them in a way so that they are all connected in a continuous loop. An infinite loop, if you will. Infinity Loop is a beautifully designed game imbued  with an Eastern and zen-like quality.  It is advertised as immersive and relaxing and it really is exactly that. It’s not overrun with ads either which probably ruin the experience. It’s quite a nice game to play and to look at.

How do you play anyway? Well, take the image on the left. Start with that, and then manipulate the shapes until you have something akin to the image on the right. Simple? Around level 8, yes. Keep playing and you might have a different opinion.
infinity loop regular mode

But that’s not all! Infinity Loop actually has a second mode called Infinity Dark Mode. In this mode, the goal is not to connect, but to separate all of the connections.  Taking an example from the image below, you start off with something like the left image, and you separate the connections until you have something like we see on the right. The experience is as zen-like as the first mode and just as pleasing in terms of relaxing color schemes and meditative background music.
infinity loop dark mode
Developer: Infinity Games
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