Hypnotic Auralux is still a great strategy game

Remember Auralux from a few years back? Completely forgot about this one and decided to re-install it on my current phone. Auralux is a great strategy game and man, it is hard to pull yourself away from it. Seriously, once you start playing , you fall into a slow and relaxing state as you plan your strategy to take over the universe. Better block off some time for this one.

This is how it works. You have a sun and it constantly produces “units” at a certain rate. When you have enough units, you can send those units off to attack and ultimately take over an enemy sun. It too however, is producing units and it will send those units to attack you and try to take over your suns. If that wasn’t bad enough, there are 2 enemies to battle, so this might require some strategy.

Auralux‘s game play is slow and hypnotic. It is billed as “relaxing” but there is that moment when both enemies are sending out hundreds of units to attack you which is anything but relaxing. So make sure that you have strong defenses that can withstand an attack. Then, once your enemy’s forces are weak, it’s your turn to attack! Or is that not the right strategy? Or maybe you’ll just have to play it to find out.

There are numerous levels to play where the suns are set up in different configurations. Let’s just say that I just spent over 2 hours playing the Triad level.

Check out the trailer to get a better idea of what Auralux is about:

P.S. The sequel to Auralux aka Auralux: Constellations is coming and will be released soon.

Publisher: War Drum Studios
Developer: E McNeill
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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