How to use GIMP to create custom logos

Every once in a while you need to create your own logo, maybe for a poster, flyer or custom t-shirt, and while there are plenty of online logo generators out there (just search and you’ll get vast results), they don’t give you quite the same amount of control and creativity that you can get from using a an image editor like GIMP to create your own custom logo.

Using GIMPs built in scripts to create a custom logo

GIMP has a few simple ways to augment your text and one of the best ways to get started is by using GIMPs built-in Alpha to logo maker/creator scripts. You can access them by opening the menu by clicking File/Create/Logos. Here you’ll find almost 30 different logo style to choose from. However, GIMP doesn’t show you a basic preview so you sort of have to guess or create logos using trial and error. Not very much fun and sort of a waste of time.  You can find some general previews in the GIMP manual in chapter 2 on Text under the section: Embellishing Text but it’s not really detailed enough.

With that said, this is why we assembled a sample list of all of the logo styles below that GIMP offers thanks to GIMPs various Script-Fus. Note that each logo style presented below can be modified and adjusted as much as you want since we’re just demonstrating the basic style using the default settings for each logo style.

3D Outline

Alien Glow

Alien Neon

Basic I

Basic II





Chip Away


Comic Book

Cool Metal




Glowing Hot

Gradient Bevel



Newsprint Text

Particle Trace

SOTA Chrome

Speed Text


Text Circle


Web Title Header

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