How about some spooky LIMBO for Halloween?

Since it’s Halloween here’s a spooky game for you: Yes, it’s LIMBO and while it’s been around for a few years, it really fits the mood of All Hallows’ Eve.

LIMBO is a platformer that takes you (as a small boy) on an adventure in search of his sister. The setting: a monochrome world of coal black shadows where grey is just about the lightest shade you’re going to see. Even the terrain itself seems to come in and out of focus as you move through this shadowy world of mystery and danger. It’s creepy and almost lonely as you’re only accompanied by ambient sounds such as thunder, or the crack of branches as they snap under your weight. This is the atmospheric soundtrack to LIMBO and it’s up to you to try and survive amidst the various pitfalls, including some very unfriendly spiders. LIMBO is still as challenging as it is beautiful in all its glorious starkness.

Check out the gameplay trailer. It’s still just as immersive and engaging to watch as it is to play:

Developer: Playdead
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