Hopeless is creepy and cute at the same time

Upopa GamesHopeless bills itself as the “Funniest action game ever“, and while those creepy little blobs are cute and all, seeing them shivering in the candle-lit dark from terrifying demons is actually a little more scary than funny.

In Hopeless: The Dark Cave, your blobs are stationary (save for the shivering) and to stay alive, you need to defend your circle from the evil demons red clutches by shooting at them as they emerge from the shadows. Each level requires quicker and quicker reflexes as more and more demons are lurking and ready to pounce. And pounce they do! I’ve just started playing and while it’s fun and all, it’s a tad repetitive. However, the game looks great and has a nice consistent feel to it. It’s also creepy.

Did I mention it was creepy?
hopeless the cave screenshot Hopeless 2: Cave Escape was the next logical step in the evolution of the Hopeless series. This time we’ve got the same cute and creepy blobs with guns but now they’re on a track in a runaway rail bucket. The demons are even more deadly looking this time with big sharp teeth and a look that in uncompromising. So yeah, they’re not about to make any sort of deal with you so you better shoot them before they eat you and your little blob friends. Yikes!

Cave Escape is faster paced than its predecessor which makes it a lot more fun since it functions as a side-scroller. This makes the game much more interesting and pleasing on a visual level.

hopeless 2 cave escape monster

Developer: Upopa Games
Download Hopeless and Hopeless 2 for Android from Google Play
Download Hopeless and Hopeless 2 for iOS from the App Store

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