Hill Climb Racing: Chasing the Neon Dragon

Ok, so I think I’ve mentioned that we’ve definitely written enough about Hill Climb Racing but sometimes you just have to go back on your word. You see, with every subsequent update, the folks over at Fingersoft go ahead and add some crazy new car/vehicle or another impossible-to-master Stage to Hill Climb Racing.  And no, not all of these updates are worth writing about but this newly released stage, aka Neon, is worth diving into.

First of all, the Neon stage in Hill Climb Racing is weird. The style is is pure 80’s glam/trash and between the neon adorned vectors and palm trees, it is a bit like being in a nightmare acid trip on the set of Miami Vice. The Neon stage is definitely in the top 3 of strange levels next to Prognosis and Ragnarok and probably the stage that is the most prone to inducing headaches.  Don’t get me wrong though. HCR‘s Neon stage is a lot of fun, and getting the Neon King Achievement also presents a serious challenge, so let’s discuss that little conundrum.

How to get the Neon King Achievement

The Neon King Achievement, aka Ride the Neon Dragon, is one of the tougher achievements to get in Hill Climb Racing. First of all, you need to survive in the Neon stage until around 1800m. Once you get to approximately 1800m, the Neon Dragon will appear close enough to you that you can roll on it’s back down the whole length (you need to touch all segments of the dragon). It’s tough because it’s moving and you’re moving and it’s a crazy level altogether!

Which car should you use for Neon? I’ve used the Moonlander and there are videos of people using the Big Finger but really, the choice is yours.  In the video below, the Neon King Achievement was won by using the Hot Rod vehicle.

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