Hill Climb Racing – Best Game Ever?

I’ve always loved this slick side-scroller known as Hill Climb Racing from Fingersoft and with every update, we look forward to seeing what kind of crazy new car or stage will be available for our unlocking pleasure. Indeed there are a lot of games in the “hill climb” genre, but HCR manages to best most of them through highly creative design and playability.

The difference between a good game and a bad game is playability, and Hill Climb Racing was always super playable for these simple reasons: tons of great cars, many levels of great variety, and an amazingly awesome physics engine. Try it and you’ll see how each car is weighted so perfectly to its model/type and each terrain that you subject it to. Half the fun is figuring out  which vehicles work best with which each given stage. Pro tip: there is no right way.

The Many Stages and Vehicles of Hill Climb Racing

And some of the stages that you’ll find in Hill Climb Racing are clearly insane.

For instance, take the bat-shit crazy Rainbow stage, which is pretty loopy and completely wtf or the latest Ragnarok stage in all its stark black toned glory. Yeah, they went dark on this level with the creepy chants and the shadows of giants and overall Ragnarokiness of the whole thing. It’s great. As well, this mysterious new achievement Troll Master aka Survive in the Ragnarok is quite curious. What does it mean? How long do you need to survive in it? I have no clue because I have personally not managed to survive beyond the 3450m mark. Is it based on distance? If anyone knows, be sure to leave a comment! This is a very creative and dynamic game that keeps you hooked and wanting more. There are many achievements to get as well, with some being easy and some being much more difficult to achieve.

Secret Achievement Update: I finally managed to get the Secret Achievement known as Nuclear Secret on the Nuclear Plant stage. How do you get this achievement, you ask? Well first off, you need to use that goofy Moonlander vehicle. Then, when you hit about 550m, hit the gas and fly as high as possible. You’ll fly through the wall and get a 10000 coin bonus. You’ll also run out of gas but that’s OK. You will get the achievement and therefore, mission accomplished.

hill climb racing screenshot
Hill Climb Racing’s “Halloween” level. Hold me. I’m scared!

So yeah, all that to say that Hill Climb Racing is still one of the best Android games out there (and still one of my personal favorites) and keeps on delivering (also available for iPhone in fact). Thanks Fingersoft people!

Edit: To get the Troll Master achievement you need to survive around 9000m in the Ragnarok.

All Hill Climb Racing Vehicles + Price List

(Mostly ordered from cheapest to most expensive vehicle)

(subject to change with updates)
1. Jeep (Free)
2. Motocross Bike (75,000 coins)
3. Monster Truck (100,000 coins)
4. Tractor (100,000 coins)
5. Hippie Van (120,000 coins)
6. Onewheeler (150,000 coins)
7. Quad Bike (175,000 coins)
8. Trophy Truck (200,000 coins)
9. Tourist Bus (200,000 coins)
10. Race Car (250,000 coins)
11. Finger Screw (300,000 coins)
12. Police Car (350,000 coins)
13. Ambulance (400,000 coins)
14. Electric Car (450,000 coins)
15. Super Diesel 4X4 (500,000 coins)
16. Rally Car (750,000 coins)
17. Dragster (800,000 coins)
18. Fire Truck (800,000 coins)
19. Chopper (1,000,000 coins)
20. Tank (1,000,000 coins)
21. Snow Mobile (1,000,000 coins)
22. Super Offroad (1,000,000 coins)
23. Truck (1,000,000 coins)
24. Dune Buggy (800,000 coins)
25. Hovercraft (1,000,000 coins)
26. Minibike (1,000,000 coins)
27. Lowrider (1,000,000 coins)
28. Big Finger (1,200,000 coins)
29. Kiddie Express (1,500,000 coins)
30. Moonlander (1,500,000 coins)
31. Hot Rod (1,500,000 coins)
32. The Rocket (1,500,000 coins)
33. Sleigh (1,000,000 coins)
34. Mutant (1,500,000 coins)
35. Luxury Car (2,000,000 coins)
36. Carantula (100,000 coins)
37. Fast Car (1,500,000 coins)
38. Super Hill Climber

Garage – 300 gems will unlock the garage feature and allow you to supe up your vehicles even further with new engines, better chassis and wheels, etc.

List of all Hill Climb Racing Stages

All stages listed in ascending order from cheapest to most expensive:

1. Countryside (Free)
2. Desert (35,000 coins)
3. Seasons (50,000 coins)
4. Arctic (75,000 coins)
5. Highway (125,000 coins)
6. Cave (150,000 coins)
7. Moon (175,000 coins)
8. Boot Camp (200,000 coins)
9. Mars (250,000 coins)
10. Xmas (300,000 coins)
11. Retro Mission (500,000 coins)
12. Alien Planet (750,000 coins)
13. Arctic Cave (800,000 coins)
14. Forest (850,000 coins)
15. Mountain (850,000 coins)
16. Ragnarok (1,000,000 coins)
17. Mudpool (1,000,000 coins)
18. Volcano (1,000,000 coins)
19. Beach (1,000,000 coins)
20. Factory (1,000,000 coins)
21. Roller Coaster (1,200,000 coins)
22. Night (1,200,000 coins)
23. Rooftops (1,200,000 coins)
24. Junkyard (1,400,000 coins)
25. Construction (1,400,000 coins)
26. Rainbow (1,500,000 coins)
27. Haunted (1,500,000 coins)
28. North Pole (1,500,000 coins)
29. Nuclear Plant (1,500,000 coins)
30. Arena (1,500,000 coins)
31. Jungle (1,500,000 coins)
32. Neon (1,500,000 coins)
33. Prognosis (1,500,000 coins)
34. Bogland (1,500,000 coins)
35. Space Mission (1,500,000 coins)
36. Suburbs (1,600,000 coins)
37. Action Hero (1,500,000 coins)
38. Super Countryside

Developer: Fingersoft
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  1. I read u need to stsy alive in ragnarick till 19400 m . Fight a rsgnarock. Then u get acheivement. Personally, I think it is impossible.

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