Help Brian Evolve and to Not Explode

We always love when games have an original,  sketched out quality to them which is the case with Brian, a sort of pinkish, one-eyed blob who hasn’t quite evolved beyond the drooling, slobbering stage.  While hand drawn characters sometimes feel as if the sketch book or napkin isn’t too far behind, in some cases they are fleshed out in a way where they are warm and endearing and have really come to life.

Brian, the little pink blob, is your pet. A kind of tamagotchi, if you will. And similar to tamagotchi based games, you need to care for the little bastard or bad things will happen such as starving to death or even dying of boredom. But the catch is, if you give Brian too much attention and love, he might just explode out of sheer joy, into a bloody mess, and that isn’t pretty at all (although it’s quite amusing). It’s fun to poke him, but you’ll need to resist if you want him to live.

Brian is also a kind of side-scroller and puzzle game. As you spend time with Brian, you’ll need to feed him so that he doesn’t starve to death. However, the very act of directing a chute fill of fruits and vegetable might just crush his delicate skull, so you’ll need to figure out how to use the physics in the game to your advantage so that you can feed him without killing him.  As you might have figured out, we haven’t successfully fed Brian yet, but we’ll get there!

Here’s a short little trailer from Sweaty Chair Studio to give you a little introduction to Brian:

Developer: Sweaty Chair
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