Hardest Android game of the week: ZigZag

This week I’ve been struggling with ZigZag, the very popular Android arcade game by the awesomely named game devs Ketchapp. Seriously, go check them out and tell me if the color of their website doesn’t immediately make you want to run out and buy a bag of ketchup chips. What’s that? Ketchup chips are a Canadian thing? Well shit.

The goal of ZigZag is simple: keep your ball on the wall by changing its direction. Pick up items and bonuses as you try to roll to the next level. Sound simple? It’s not. The wall is very crooked, as you can see from the screen shots, and the pace is swift. You basically have two directions: left and right. To change directions, simply tap the screen. The more crooked the wall, the more accurately you need to tap.

I included a screen shot of the Game Over screen, because that’s the screen that I hang out on the most. So hard!

zigzag game boards

: Ketchapp
Download it from the Play Store

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