Grand Mountain Adventure

We’ve played and reviewed some skiing games in the past but these were nothing quite like the skiing experience that you get in Grand Mountain Adventure. Grand Mountain Adventure is billed as an open world ski adventure and it truly delivers.

What struck us first about Grand Mountain Adventure was how absolutely smooth the gameplay was while delivering incredibly detailed and beautiful visuals. Everything from the mountains, the snowy glades and various ski resort details are accurate and consistent, making the look and feel of GMA very pleasing, satisfying and relaxing. Yes, even as you hurtle down machine groomed trails (indeed even the grooming details are present), there is something very relaxing and pleasant about GMA.

The controls are simple: maneuver your skier by tapping the discreet yet obvious ski-pole buttons to navigate left and right, getting a feel for the hill as you cut the pure white snow with your skis. You can then ski down the hill until you reach a chairlift which you can use to take you back up to another section of the mountain, but watch out: there are snowboarders, other skiers and bears to look out for. Yes, did I just mention bears? That’s right. I can honestly say that I got chased by a bear while skiing in GMA. What can be more exciting? The answer: More exploring and more breakneck skiing!

Downhill Skiing at its Best

GMA is vast and while there are challenges to compete in along the way, there are also ski passes to collect which will give you further access to the mountain. You’ll need to purchase the full version for more mountains though but just the free version alone is extremely generous, and it is without ads! All this to say that Grand Mountain Adventure just feels like skiing (even if it is summer), which is the whole point, so mission accomplished!

For more skiing fun, check out some Grand Mountain Adventure gameplay:

Developer: Toppluva AB
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