Godot 4.0 beta 3 Release and Features

As we all know, the current stable release (Godot 3.5) has been generally available since August 2022. However improvements are always coming down the pipe. So while the Godot 4.0 game engine isn’t slated for release until 2023, Godot 4.0 beta 3 is available right now for those of you who like to play things a little more fast and loose with your game development.

In a nutshell here’s what’s new and improved:

Some Godot 4.0 beta 3 Features

Support has been added for the Vulkan graphics API.
Moving from Mono to .NET 6 CoreCLR.
SDF-based global illumination (i.e. better lighting)
Editor changes (i.e UX improvements, improved color picker, etc)
Rendering fixes and improvements.
Performance optimizations.

For a full list of improvements and changes (there are many), check out the full release snapshot for Godot 4.0 beta 3.

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