Glorious Neon Racing with Vecter

Alright, get ready for a game with some fast paced racing cause Vecter is just that, and more! Vecter is lightning fast, full of colorful neon, techno and is totally futuristic (while being kind of retro) because something about Vecter (and neon) is very reminiscent of Atari’s Tempest (1981) and hence, the ’80s. It could be that Vecter’s vehicle has design elements that in some ways do echo Tempest‘s player design. Or maybe it’s just due to the inherent visual that you get from vector lines and vivid pastel colours. Either way, Vecter uses vectors (the title was a bit of a giveaway), which is what Tempest was all about. However, Vecter is nothing like Tempest.

Vecter is billed as a racing and shooting runner that you can play solo or with friends or strangers. In fact, considering that Vecter is currently free to download and play, the available options are very generous here so it will be interesting to see how Vecter evolves as development continues.

The learning curve is almost as fast as the game itself: Use the arrow keys to navigate and stay on the track while avoiding obstacles of varying shapes and sizes. Some obstacles are in fact not obstacles at all because they are powerups. They will give you…powers. Like the powers to shoot, and to soar high about the track, giving you a pretty insane view of Vecter’s brilliant and colorful landscape. You see, Vecter is not just about racing super fast and surviving, but also shooting and destroying things, while also surviving.  Saying that, surviving is something that I have not been able to do very well up to this point. So back to Vecter I go for more training.

To get a better idea and to really see the landscape and vector-y perspective in all its glory, check out Vecter’s official trailer as well as some gamplay below (with so much dying). And as usual, the download links can be found below:

Developer: Taranasus
Publisher: Taranasus
Vecter is available on Steam for Windows and via GameJolt

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