Flying Train Simulator 3D satisfies our weird of the week

We haven’t reviewed any simulation games in quite awhile, so let’s do that now with Flying Train Simulator 3D from GT Race Games. Yep. Flying Train Simulator. Because sometimes you just want to step into the world of the surreal for awhile. Why flying trains? More like, why not?

Flying Train Simulator 3D is a free simulation game where you basically drive a train, which can fly through the air like a plane. You can even steer it and everything. There are no points to collect, no bonuses, no nothing. Not even a train track! Just crazy train chugging sounds with some decent 3D graphics of your surroundings as you control a serious train as it flies through the sky among some crazy high rises or through the countryside, if that’s the scenario you chose. My only real complaint is that the crashes aren’t “spectacular” enough. I figure that while you’re flying a train, you should at least have an explosion or two when you hit the ground at some crazy velocity.

flying train simulator countrysideIf after playing Flying Train Simulator, you develop an urge to play even more games that simulate things flying which normally shouldn’t, GT Race Games have a slew of other games which feature flying hybrid vehicles such as flying police cars, flying futuristic vehicles and flying buses. Once again, we don’t ask why, we just ask: why not?

Check out the gameplay for Flying Train Simulator 3D. It’s some pretty crazy shit. Also, the game appears to only be available for Android at the moment.

Developer: GT Race Games
Get it for Android

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