Fight Crab: Destroy Other Crabs…and Dinner!

Upon discovering Fight Crab on we just knew that we had to review it. I mean, all types of crabs and various other crustaceans super stars battling it out for ultimate seafood supremacy? What could be better, right? So let’s put on a bib and find out what Fight Crab is all about.

To start off, Fight Crab is a 3D crab wrestling game that is unlike any other wrestling games that we’ve seen. where you are a crab and you have to fight other crabs. And no, not just generic crabs. You have to fight anything from Snow Crabs, Hairy Crabs, Coconut Crabs, etc. They’re all here and they have strong claws and powerful biceps with which to punch and grip samurai swords.

Sword Wielding Crabs? Why Not?

What? Did I just say “samurai swords”? Yes, I did. Because in the magically intense world of Fight Crab, these crabs have weapons (41 to choose from) like swords, nunchaku and double-sided light sabers(!). That’s right: Fight Crab does not hold back any punches (pun intended).

Fight Crab also includes various battlegrounds on which to vanquish your opponents (battle 4 players at a time!) such as city streets, rocky shores, underwater (of course) and probably the most appealing (and my favorite): dinner table. Like I always like to say: Come for the crab, stay to watch various dinner table accessories such as the sake bottle and dumpling steamers become casualties. Bon appetit!

Check out some Fight Crab gameplay:

Developer: Neo Nusso
Get it for Windows on Itch
Coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PC: Details here.

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