Feed Your Cat-based Obsession With The Catty Shack

In keeping with our affinity for lo-fi games (and cats), this is The Catty Shack from Ian Burnette.

The Catty Shack taps into that basic, primal obsession that just about everyone has with all things feline. And by everyone, I mean me.

In The Catty Shack, you are a wandering ghost and your goal is to collect all of the cats in this game’s (known) universe, and bring them back to home base, aka The Catty Shack. Why? Because everyone (me again) are slaves to cats and are constantly doing their bidding. Even fictional ghosts in video games. So how would one serve a number of cats and get them to follow you back to the shack anyway? Well, pretty much the same way anyone would: by plying them with expired fish, mice and birds. The twist of course, is that each cat that you happen upon has a specific dead bird/fish/mouse quota which you the player must fill. So yeah, you’re going to be wandering around this pretty cool environment looking for said (dead) items. Once you’ve filled that cat’s quota, then and only then will he/she follow you back to The Catty Shack.

The Catty Shack was developed with Unity and it’s fun, and very playable. You can check out some Catty Shack gameplay action here:

Developer: E&E Games
Get it on Itch.io for Windows, MacOS and Linux
Download it on Game Jolt for Windows, MacOS and Linux

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