Fedora Kinoite: Get Your KDE On

Speaking of new Silverblue releases, Fedora Kinoite was released in late 2021 as a Fedora variant to exist alongside regular old Fedora Silverblue. Like Silverblue, Fedora Kinoite is also an immutable OS and uses the same technologies as Silverblue, namely rpm-ostree, Flatpak, and podman.

Kinoite vs Silverblue

As already mentioned, Fedora Kinoite is an immutable desktop operating system like Silverblue. This means that the root partition is mounted read-only by default which adds an extra layer of security to an already secure Linux based system. We wrote about this in more detail when we initially installed Silverblue so we won’t repeat ourselves too much here.

So what’s the difference between Fedora Silverblue and Fedora Kinoite? Well, if you’re already familiar with Linux naming conventions (or the title of this post), you might deduce from the fact that Kinoite starts with the letter ‘K’ that Kinoite is a KDE version of Silverblue. That is to say that instead of running GNOME as Fedora Silverblue does, Fedora Kinoite runs a KDE Plasma desktop.

You may be asking yourself: Why use Fedora Kinoite over Fedora Silverblue? The preference is purely esthetic for those who like the look and feel of KDE while enjoying the same secure and lightweight OS that comes from the Silverblue project. Clearly with another flavour of Silverblue being released, we can assume that these projects have legs and that we’ll be seeing more in the future. Awesome, right? Check it out:

Get Fedora Kinoite:


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