Fast Like a Fox is our new favorite platformer

Released in October  2015, Fast Like a Fox is the first game from the Finnish based games company WayBefore Ltd. and published via Fingersoft aka the team that brought us Hill Climb Racing. So know this: Fast Like a Fox is super fun right out of the gate!

Now before we go any further, let me talk about the controls for a minute because they are very simple, yet unique and unusual:

Tap the screen = jump
Tap the back of the phone = run

Yes. Tap the back of the phone.

Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think I’ve come across a game for mobile where you tap the back of the phone to move your character. Tap fast, fox moves fast. Tap slow….fox slows down. This is interesting because having one hand behind the phone effectively frees up your screen from an unintentional thumb invasion.

Easy to play – Hard to master

After a brief training level, you’re off with your fox, collecting coins and gems, unlocking subsequent levels and secrets, jumping over treacherous crevasses and burning across this striking, geometric terrain. I really do like the look and the style reminds me of a particular artist who I can’t place at the moment.

fast like a fox screenshot
Give it a try. As the game states “Easy to play – Hard to master“. Yeah, they got that right. Because of the unique controls, you’ll have to hone your finger tapping skills and figure out what works best and where the most effective place to tap is. Can you win at Fast Like a Fox? Is there an end to the game? We’ll just have to keep playing to find out.

In the meantime check out some Fast Like a Fox gameplay:

Developer: WayBefore Ltd
Publisher: Fingersoft Ltd
Download it from the Play Store

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