Exploring the depths of Seashine

Enjoy the dark and peaceful dreaminess of Seashine, Pated‘s endless underwater survival game. You (yes you, specifically) are a brand new jellyfish, who emerges into the sea with one goal in mind: survival. Really, when you’re a jellyfish I think that’s pretty much the goal from day one since jellyfish and other creatures of the sea are pretty much immune to any kind of existential life crisis. Thankfully, that scenario is mainly reserved for humans, and maybe coral who probably wonder “Is this it? Is this my life?”, as they get bleached repeatedly by our toxic habits. But I digress. Let’s get back to Seashine.

First off, Seashine has a spectacular look and feel. Even if this isn’t your type of game you should check it out purely for the art and the way in which the game was executed. It’s slick and gorgeous with a smooth, zen-like soundtrack that is both calming and oceanic in nature. However, as calming as Seashine is with it’s dark undertones and mysterious shadows, you’re still a fragile little jellyfish who needs to survive so you’ll need to pick up all and any available lights sources which will help you to glow a little longer and a little brighter.  But it’s not that simple because there’s more: you’ll also need to avoid a multitude of predators such as the beautifully animated (but deadly) Mao Nui and the razor toothed (teethed?) Mutamara. Turns out there are about 30 predators to avoid and/or get eaten by.

You can also check out the gameplay for Seashine for a closer look. Watch it in HD for best results:

Developer: Pated
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